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Auction Consultation

Maximize your fundraising potential! Fundraising strategy, venue site visits before the big night, and ideas on how to maintain and engage donors are all great reasons to have a professional benefit auctioneer working with you.

Auctioneer & EmCee
Event Host

Hiring a professional benefit auctioneer is a must when hosting a fundraising event! Lauren will bring the expertise, energy, elegance, and entertainment to your fundraiser.


Keep your donors engaged and having fun! Lauren will help to ensure that your donors keep their paddles up and feel great at the end of the event!

As an event host, Lauren is able to maintain event timing and flow while keeping your guests engaged and focused. Having an event host manage your event from start to finish will allow you to enjoy your event without the stress of keeping your eye on the clock.

Game & Raffle Ideas - Assistant Floor Auctioneers - Volunteer Training

"Lauren brings a contagious energy and moving passion with her on stage. Our audience was clearly captivated by Lauren’s words and wit from the start. Lauren definitely helped us make much more than we would have had she not been leading the charge at our school’s annual gala fundraiser. Aside from the excitement on stage, it is very impressive to see how organized and dedicated Lauren is to her craft. She knows how to run an auction, and it shows!" - Kimberly Griffin, Board President for Issaquah Valley Family Education

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